This error tag corresponds to syslog messages notifying that the a configuration commit is complete

There is no YANG model available yet to map this class of messages. Please check the Structured message example section to see the structure.

Implemented for

  • junos

Syslog message example

<189>Jul 20 21:44:00 vmx01 mgd[7729]: UI_COMMIT_PROGRESS: Commit operation in progress: commit complete

Structured message example

  "facility": 23,
  "host": "vmx01",
  "ip": "",
  "message_details": {
      "date": "Jul 20",
      "facility": 23,
      "host": "vmx01",
      "hostPrefix": null,
      "message": "Commit operation in progress: commit complete",
      "pri": "189",
      "processId": "7729",
      "processName": "mgd",
      "severity": 5,
      "tag": "UI_COMMIT_PROGRESS",
      "time": "21:44:00"
  "os": "junos",
  "severity": 5,
  "timestamp": 1500587040,
  "yang_message": {
      "system": {
          "operations": {
              "commit_complete": true
  "yang_model": "NO_MODEL"