The structured messages published by napalm-logs can be imported into the Salt event bus using the napalm-logs Engine introduced in the 2017.7 release (Nitrogen).


The address and port fields on the napalm-syslog Salt engine side must correspond to the values configured for publish-address: and publish-address: on the napalm-logs side. Similarly, auth_address, auth_port, certificate, and transport would have the values specified for auth-address and auth-port, certificate, and transport: zmq.


Do not conflate the address and the port arguments on the napalm-logs side with address and port napalm-syslog Salt Engine fields: they are not the same!

For more configuration options and usage examples of the napalm-syslog Salt Egine, please check the documentation.

Configuration example:

When the napalm-logs engine is started usign the command line $ napalm-logs -a -p 1234 --publish-address --publish-port 5678 --disable-security, or using the configuration file:

port: 1234
publish_port: 5678
disable_security: true

The napalm-syslog engine is configured under the Salt Master or Minion:

  - napalm_syslog:
      transport: zmq
      port: 5678
      disable_security: true