This error tag is sent when napalm-logs was able to identify the operating system, but there was no tag matching the syslog message. Therefore, the output object will contain the syslog message parts, without further processing. By default, these messages are not published; they need to be explicitly enabled using the send_raw: False option for the publisher.


These messages are not recommended for production use. They can be used as temporary helpers, at most. The right approach is appending a new message matcher inside the corresponding device profile. See Device Profiles.


The syslog message parts under the message_details key are device-specific, as designed inside the profiler.


  "message_details": {
    "processId": null,
    "hostPrefix": null,
    "pri": "37",
    "processName": "sshd",
    "host": "vmx1",
    "tag": "SSHD_LOGIN_FAILED",
    "time": "10:32:03",
    "date": "Jul 10",
    "message": "Login failed for user 'root' from host ''"
  "ip": "",
  "host": "vmx1",
  "timestamp": 1499682723,
  "os": "junos",
  "model_name": "raw",
  "error": "RAW",
  "facility": 4,
  "severity": 5