Release 0.3.0 - Codename Backsaw

The third major release comes with several core improvements and messages, as well as more modules for the pluggable interfaces.

Core changes

The internal pipeline for the internal communication between the napalm-logs processes has been improved, now being based on ZeroMQ. The architecture from the first release (see Architecture) wasn’t changed, but rather improved following a standard Ventiallator Sink topology, where the Server is the ROUTER, and each Device process is the DEALER. This allows a better control and optimisation, as the user can start more than one single Device process per platform class, using the new device-worker-processes: 1 configuration option. Increasing the number of Device processes will increase the processing speed.

Additionally, the memory consumption and can be better controlled using the hwm: 1000 configuration option, by adjusting the maximum buffer size. For maximum capacity, this value can be set as 0, which means infinite queue, so there won’t be any messages dropped.

Logger interface deprecation

We aim to provide more core features and improvements in the upcoming releases: starting with the upcoming release 0.4.0, you will be able to start multiple Listener and Publisher processes, i.e., the syslog messages can be received via multiple channels concomitantly, while the structured messages published over several transports. Together with these changes, the Logger interface will be deprecated, but its features will be leveraged through the Publisher interface.

New Modules

The following modules have been added in this release:



New Structured Messages

The following messages were already defined, now extending the list of supported platforms: