Release 0.4.0 - Codename Crowbar

In this release we have a couple of major core improvements and changes, as well as new features and structured messages.

Core improvements and additions

Beginning with this release you are now able to start multiple Listeners and Publishers, that means, the syslog messages from the devices can be received from multiple sources concomitantly, and, similarly, published over multiple channels at the same time. Each can have a separate group of settings, including disable_security to publish the messages without being encrypted and signed for that specific Publisher only.

Additionally, we have introduced the Serializer subsystem that allows to serialize the structured napalm-logs messages in different formats chosen by the user. The following serializers are available:

The serializer can be selected globally using the serializer configuration option, or per Publisher, using the Publisher serializer option.

At the Publisher level, there are several new options:


Logger Interface Deprecation

As announced in the Release 0.3.0 - Codename Backsaw notes, the Logger interface has been deprecated due to the possibility to have multiple Publishers introduced in this release. As the Logger subsystem used to send only the partially parsed syslog messages, you can achieve the same now using the only_raw: False option. For example, given the following configuration for napalm-logs < 0.4.0:

    send_raw: true

Beginning with this release, the equivalent configuration is:

  - kafka:
      only_raw: true

Other Deprecations

The transport configuration option is no longer supported. Make sure to use the publisher option instead.

New Structured Messages

The following messages were already defined, now extending the list of supported platforms: