Release 0.7.0 - Codename Froe

A new pluggable interface: buffer

By design, syslog messages can be fired spuriously, and the same information may be sent multiple times within a short period of time.

The new Buffer Interface can cache the messages for a number of seconds and prevent firing the same messages redundantly.

The Buffer interface is pluggable subsystem and can be enabled from the configuration file, under the buffer block, for example:

    db: 4

For further details and configuration options, please check Buffer Interface.

New features

Added strip_message_details: False Publisher configuration option to remove the message_details key from the object to be published. message_details contains the raw chunks of data resulted from the napalm-logs parsing, before mapping to the associated YANG model.

New Structured Messages

  • AGENT_INITIALIZED when a system process is (re-)initialized.
  • USER_WRITE_CONFIG added by George Pickering (@bigpick) which is a notification sent when the user saves the startup config (though not necessarily updating the running config).

The following messages were already defined, now extending the list of supported platforms: