Release 0.8.0 - Codename Gripe

Azure SONiC support

Initial support for Azure SONiC has been added thanks to Anthony Iheoma (@emfusion)’s contribution, providing notifications for INTERFACE_UP, INTERFACE_DOWN, and BGP_NEIGHBOR_STATE_CHANGED.

Opengear support

@gtcat provided support for Opengear console servers, together with a new set of messages: USER_LOGIN, USER_LOGOUT, AUTORESPONSE, RXDATA, and SIGNAL. Thanks @gtcat!

Junos FPC logs

Thanks to Antoine Meillet (inetAnt)’s pull request, napalm-logs is now capable to process Junos FPC logs as well.

Docker image changes

Starting with this release, the Docker images will be hosted under the napalmautomation organisation on Docker Hub. Please make sure to update your Docker references to napalmautomation/napalm-logs to pull the latest versions. Additionally, we publish a Docker image for the develop branch so you don’t necessarily have to wait for a new release to gather the fixes and features from the most recent PRs being merged.

New Structured Messages

STP_BLOCK_BPDUGUARD when the switch receives a BPDU on a port with BPDU guard enabled.

BFD_STATE_CHANGE when the BFD status is changed.


The following messages were already defined, now extending the list of supported platforms:

Final notes

As there are more available platforms, all enabled by default, it’s probably a good idea to make use of the device_blacklist and device_whitelist options, and maybe even increase the value for device-worker-processes: 1.