Release 0.9.0 - Codename Hand Saw

New Publisher Interface: Alerta

Publish napalm-logs events to an Alerta endpoint. The messages are published as alerts in the form <host>::<message ID>, e.g., router1::NTP_SERVER_UNREACHABLE. See the following screenshot for a visual example:

Alerta Screenshot

The alert is sent together with the complete napalm-logs event data, under the attributes Alerta field, which you can potentially use for leveraging various automatic actions or processing from these alerts. Using Alerta is a great option to handle duplicate alerts.

See Alerta Publisher for more details.

Update the key name for Fortinet

The field source_ip, and destination_ip have been renamed to source_address and destination_address respectively. See PR #313 for more information.

Fix Prometheus label displaying

Avoid to display the ‘b’ prefix on the label with Python3. Thanks @Koaxiel (Robin Douine) for PR #317.

New Structured Messages

NH_REGION_GRAB_FAILED for Junos, a message from the FPC logs when failed to grab new region for next-hops. Thanks @luke-orden PR #314.