Arista EOSΒΆ

In general, the structure of the syslog messages generated by EOS has the following format:

<PRI><datetime> <hostname> <process-name>: %<facility-name>-<severity>-<tag>: <MSG>


  • hostname: The device that generated the message. To ensure that the hostname is included, follow the instructions from Arista EOS.
  • datetime: The time when the message was generated in the format: MMM dd hh:mm:ss.
  • process-name: The name of the process that generated the mesage.
  • facility-name: The name of the Facility.
  • severify: The value of the Severity.
  • tag: The syslog message tag.


<149>Apr 16 11:04:17 edge01 Rib: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: received from neighbor (AS 2611) 6/1 (Cease/maximum number of prefixes reached) 0 bytes